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About OnPay

Designed to complement the busy lifestyle of small business owners, OnPay is a first-in-class, on-demand payroll and HR solution.
OnPay now processes over 1.5 billion dollars in payroll annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does OnPay cost?

OnPay has a low, set monthly fee of $36.00/month + $4.00 per employee. Our typical client's cost is around $60/month.

What if I have multiple businesses?

OnPay charges a monthly fee for each individual EIN that you have.

Who is responsible for changes to my state and federal tax accounts?

Employers are responsible for changes necessary to keep OnPay informed of current filing status' and rates.

How long have you been in business?

Payroll Center, Inc., where OnPay started as a revolutionary product offering in early 2010, was founded in 1982. To accelerate growth and focus on providing a SAAS payroll solution, the team responsible for the software established OnPay, Inc. as a separate company in 2015. OnPay, Inc. continues to grow quickly and now serves clients in all 50 states and processes over 1 billion dollars in payroll annually.

Can I pay W-2 employees and 1099 contractors through OnPay?

Yes, you can pay hourly/salary employees as well as 1099 contractors. Additionally, if you have an employee who is also doing contracted work, you can include both types of pay on the same pay check.

How far in advance do I need to run payroll before my employees get paid?

If you are printing checks, you can run payroll on your check date. If you are paying your employees via direct deposit, it needs to be run a minimum of two business days prior to the check date.

Does OnPay file and pay my payroll taxes?

Yes, as long as we have all of the necessary tax information, we file and pay any payroll taxes that you may be liable for. We also guarantee their accuracy and timeliness.

Will OnPay warn me if I do not have the necessary tax information?

Yes, while running a payroll, if you do not have a tax identification number or unemployment rate entered, the system will give you an error message prior to updating your pay run.

When will the money for taxes be drafted from my account?

Taxes will be drafted from your account one business day prior to your check date, or the next business day (if you run payroll on the day of your check date).

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes. Direct deposit can be added to any new or existing account.

Does OnPay report new hires?

Yes, OnPay will report your new hire to the state for you.

Do I have to follow a set pay schedule when using OnPay?

No, our low monthly fee includes unlimited pay runs, whenever you need, for no additional fees.

Can OnPay remind me to run payroll?

Yes, you can setup an email reminder to run payroll 1-14 days prior to your check date. ONPAY will also email you and your employees, if you choose to, once a payroll has been run.

If I have a question, how can I receive assistance?

We offer unlimited customer support via phone, email, chat, or through our help site

Is there a way to receive help without having to speak to/email someone?

Yes. We have extensive help site that has documents, or videos, on how to do anything within our software. You can also submit a ticket using the help system.

Can employees access OnPay to view their pay stubs?

Employers may invite employees to access their information, view pay stubs, W-2s and 1099s.

Can I export this payroll data into my accounting software?

You can export your payroll into Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online and Xero Accounting. There is also a GL Posting Summary Report that can be exported into Excel.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

OnPay does provide a tablet-friendly website for both employers and employees. This allows employers to run payroll from anywhere as well as allowing employees to view all of the same payroll data from the convenience of their mobile device.

If I am in multiple states, or a state with local taxes, do I have to keep up with what taxes need to get paid for each employee?

No, as long as you enter in your employees' home and work site address properly, OnPay will automatically calculate the appropriate taxes with guaranteed accuracy.

If I want to switch payroll providers to OnPay, what all is involved?

Just provide us with your employees information as well as pervious payroll data and we will completely take care of all the data entry for you, so you will be ready to run payroll upon your initial log in.

Does OnPay support multiple pay schedules?

Yes OnPay allows you to create an unlimited number of pay schedules.