Meet OnPay

Payroll is our story


OnPay grew out of our founder’s long-standing family payroll business. When Jesse Burgess joined the company in 2007, his first priority was simply helping the company’s six payroll clerks be more efficient — and to keep them from getting frustrated.


With 200 small business customers to take care of, the Silicon Valley strategy of failing fast was never an option. Jesse streamlined his clerks’ user experience and automated repetitive tasks until he realized the whole payroll process could move online. Soon after, OnPay was born.


We’re different because we’re a payroll business, not a startup. We’ve combined our experience with the latest technology to develop payroll software that’s fast, intuitive, and designed to help small business owners do what they do best.


We continue to invest in improving customer experience, expanding into HR and benefits, and giving small businesses unsurpassed levels of support.


OnPay may have gotten more powerful, but businesses still pay one low fee for everything.

Caring is our culture

OnPay processes over 1.5 billion dollars in payroll annually for companies across all 50 states.

Getting started is easy

  1. Set up your account in minutes
  2. Add your employees (or let us do it)
  3. If you have prior wages, we will enter them for you!
  4. Run payroll – we'll handle your taxes and forms
  • Try us. Your first month is free.