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OnPay Pricing

Simple and affordable

Transparent Pricing

While traditional services charge per pay run, with OnPay your monthly charge is based on your number of active employees for the month. Our fee is $36.00 per month + $4.00 per employee. At year-end, you may choose to have W-2s printed and mailed to you for $5.00 each plus shipping or select our free self-print option.

A comparison of OnPay with other popular services found an average small business with 10 employees would save over $1,500.00 per year.4

(Including Other Traditional Services)
Monthly Fee
10 Employees
paid weekly
10 active employees
with direct deposit
$160 to $2304/month
10 employees per run
Free Support
Unlimited Payrolls
per month
Instant Check Creation
Full Tax Service2

What people are saying about us...

  • The Best Payroll Service for Very Small Businesses - "We like that OnPay is transparent about its pricing. The company's website clearly outlines all of the costs and includes a price calculator that figures out your exact monthly fee based on how many employees you have." Chad Brooks, Business News Daily, March 2017
  • The 5 Best Payroll Options for Small Businesses - "It’s an easy, quick, mobile-friendly system that doesn’t require a steep learning curve." Jared Hecht, Entrepreneur, February 2017
  • “OnPay is a reasonably priced, solid option for small businesses who need online payroll you can contact OnPay and let a payroll expert there actually do the initial data entry. There is no charge for this. In fact, OnPay automatically enters prior wage data (a task that can be very time-consuming for the user) and the company offers a full accuracy guarantee. If any of this historical data is entered incorrectly, OnPay takes total responsibility." Kathy Yakal, PC Magazine, March 2016
  • "OnPay's portal is clean and doesn't overwhelm you when you first log in. With 256-bit SSL encryption for its servers, OnPay ensures that your sensitive payroll and personal information stays as safe and secure from outside threats as possible." 10TopTenReviews,, 2016
  • “When we started our business in 2012 we engaged a big payroll processor. That decision resulted in continually renegotiating processing fees, being cycled through a revolving door of payroll specialists that processed our payroll incorrectly more than once, and sales calls for additional services. Switching to OnPay in 2014 changed all of that. We have since paid a fair monthly fee, have received zero sales calls, worked with the same two payroll specialists for over two years, and our payroll processing has been accurate. OnPay's customer service is so exceptional that we consider them an extension of the Ursa team and recommend OnPay to our customers." Ronda, Accounting Manager at Ursa Information Systems, Redlands, California
  • "OnPay has taken what was once complicated, cumbersome, and time consuming and made paying our employees simple, and, dare I say it, "enjoyable!" From the easy-to-use website, to the personal customer service that's not farmed out to another country, to the exceptionally reasonable pricing, we could not be happier with OnPay." Jon, Executive Pastor at Sovereign Grace Church, Bloomington, Minnesota
  • "OnPay is ideal for any small business looking to get the best value for their payroll systems. The customer service is superb; happy to assist no matter how big or small the issue. The reporting and website user interface is easy to use and makes running and reconciling payroll a breeze. Choosing OnPay was one of the best decisions we made as a company during our startup." Chris, Co-Founder at Arcade Brewery, Chicago, Illinois