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How OnPay Works

OnPay is an online application designed to give employers the ability to create pay checks or access payroll reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Employers can calculate, review and create payroll checks within minutes.
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List of Features

On-Demand Payroll

OnPay gives you the ability to securely manage and process your payroll within minutes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Print Checks On Site

In addition to on demand processing, there is no longer a need to wait on your payroll company to deliver professional looking payroll checks and stubs. You can now print your professional payroll checks and stubs on site from any standard printer.

Integrate With Your Favorite Accounting Software

Automatically sync each pay run to QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting; or use our simple export feature to export payroll to Quickbooks Desktop. Customize your asset (checking), expense and liability accounts.

Seamless Integration with Guideline 401(k)

Guideline and OnPay seamlessly integrate to offer you and your employees a simple and straightforward retirement saving experience. Working together, Guideline and OnPay are offering the 401(k) your employees deserve.

Unlimited Pay Runs

While most payroll companies charge per pay run, with OnPay you are billed one low monthly fee based on your total number of active employees. You have the freedom to process your payroll as often as needed without the concern of additional processing fees.1

Full Tax Service Included

Spend your time running your business and not filling out lengthy tax forms and processing tax payments.2 With OnPay, all payroll tax payments and filings will be processed by our trained payroll staff and are backed by an Accuracy Guarantee.

Multiple Pay Schedules

OnPay allows you to group employees by pay schedule. For example you may pay your hourly employees on a "Weekly" schedule and your managers on a "Monthly" schedule.

Multiple Access Levels

Invite users and assign them access levels. Grant either Approver, Controller, Manager or Employee access. Users may be a member of multiple companies and hold multiple access levels within that company. Switching between access levels and/or companies is simple and does not require the user to sign out and sign back in.

Owners are the owner of an account and have full access.
Approvers have full access to an account but they may not delete other users.
Controllers have similar access to Approvers but they may not "approve" a pay run.
Managers have similar access to Controllers but they may only view/edit employees they have been assigned to.
Employees may access pay stubs, W-2s, 1099s and onther information for thier account.

Time Off Accrual

Accrue and track used vacation, sick, and pto hours. Easily create accrual policies with up to three policy periods. Time can be accrued per pay period, annually or hourly. Accrued and remaining hours are shown on pay stubs and online.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of offering your employees direct deposit.3

Paperless Payroll

Combine employee online access with our direct deposit service and you can save your company time and money. With OnPay, you will have online access to two years of your payroll data. Additionally, PDF and Excel versions of your reports are always available.

Free Phone, Chat or Email Support

Our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you anytime Monday through Friday 9AM to 8PM Eastern time.

Simple Setup

Getting setup with OnPay is quick and easy. Simply give us your current payroll information and our trained professional staff will have your OnPay account setup and ready for you to begin processing payrolls within 2-3 business days.

No Long-Term Contracts

Having the best product, price, and customer support is how we retain clients. Should you become dissatisfied with OnPay or quit processing payroll, you may leave us at anytime.