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How OnPay Works

OnPay is an online application designed to give employers the ability to create pay checks or access payroll reports 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Employers can calculate, review and create payroll checks within minutes.
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Additional Services

Online Time Tracking

Online time tracking is the best way for you to save entry time and avoid costly entry errors.

Fully Integrated With OnPay

OnPay seamlessly imports your employees regular and overtime hours with ease. In one easy step your employees hours are placed in the pay entry screen for you to review and process your payroll.

Easy to Use

  • Employees clock in and out online
  • Optional IP restriction gives you the option to restrict time punch attempts to a specific location
  • On-Site clocks available. Use proximity cards and/or finger print readers.
  • Employees can view their time cards online
  • System will flag any missing time punches for you to review
  • Edit online time cards with ease
  • Reduce your compliance risks by following federal and state overtime rules

Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation

OnPay eliminates workers’ compensation guesswork by basing your insurance premium needs on your actual payroll and helps calculate the premium for you, automatically, each month.

Improve Cash Flow

  • Avoid large upfront deposits and unexpected year-end payments
  • Premiums automatically calculated each pay day
  • Payments are automatically processed monthly

Getting Started is Easy

If you have an insurance agent/agency you are working with already, we can either work with your current insurance agent or find one to suit your needs. Just contact us today and we will walk you through the setup process.

Employee Benefits

With OnPay, you can provide a full range of insurance benefits to your employees with deductions easily made through our software. Contact our licensed agents to learn more about how OnPay can help you provide the best health, dental and vision policies to your employees.